The Snakewear Collection

SWO2$85.30Size:  Colors:  Sideshield: 
SWO3$85.30Size:  Colors:  Sideshield: 
Click to enlargeSWO4Stainless Steel,Spring Hinge

SWO4$87.65Color:  Size: 
SW06SW06Nylon construction, no metal parts, integral sideshields, 17 degree face wrap.

SW06$87.65Color:  Size: 
Click to enlargeSWO7Injection molded nylon, no metal content,dust dam insert, adjustable strap, integral extended shield design.

SWO7$87.65Color:  Size: 
Click to enlargeSWO8Hand made acetate, wrapped endpieces.

SWO8$87.65Color:  Size: 
Click to enlargeSWO-9Close fitting, ratcheting temples, foam gasket. Interchangeable temples and headband

SWO-9$87.65Size:  Color: 
Click to enlargeSWO-10Delivers the ultimate combination of high-performance protection and aggressive sport-inspired styling.

SWO10$87.65Size:  Color: